Monday, March 12, 2012

An Introduction to Alternative Energy

What are the fossil fuels?

Essentially there are three fossil resources available to the world, but each of them takes off. The most common is coal; coal is widely used and cheap won. As such we have exceptionally strong depending on coal and although there is still a large amount of coal left is estimated that America's remaining coal will sustain the country for the next 200 to 300 years but it is by no means a perfect clean form of energy.

The biggest problem is that coal is composed of carbon, as living creatures, and the fires that it needs to continue in the production of energy forms carbon dioxide. This carbon not applicable overlaps heat of the Earth and is an important factor that scientists believe to cause warming. On a more positive note, but scientists have created a more effective method to burn coal that 99% of impurities and harmful gases that are emitted.

Apart from coal we strongly rely on natural gas and oil which is also in limited supply, and this is where the problem lies. The human race is consuming more and more energy with every day that passes and our resources of fossil fuels are exhausted seriously thanks to the way in which we live. The answer to this problem seems to lie in alternative energy.

What is alternative energy?

Alternative energy fossil fuels are not and do not break off of the Earth resources of fossil fuels any further. Countries around the world are pushed into investing money in research and the production of alternative energy and many countries already have natural energy sources produce usable energy.

Wind Energy.

One of the first widely used forms of alternative was wind energy. Many countries have developed wind farms, both mainland and off shore wind farms. Turbines are converted by the wind, the creation of a viable, renewable energy source. The problem with wind energy is that turbines cannot be found in the neighbourhood of housing districts because of the sound they make, although with further research and investment technologies associated with wind energy and wind turbines will undoubtedly continue to improve.

Solar energy.

In many countries are now available to help pay for photovoltaic tiles that collect the warmth of the Sun's rays and convert it into an exceptionally safe and sustainable form of alternative energy. Or used to create electricity or heat plain water or a system of central heating, solar energy is readily available and the technology is very affordable. With solar energy are helping consumers in the protection of the environment.


Biomass is still a relatively unused form of energy in many parts of the world, but more and more money in the financing of biomass. Biomass is the creation of energy from plant materials, and is another source of clean, renewable energy. America is a country that uses biomass pretty big effect, the largest source of renewable energy each year since the year 2000.

These are just a couple of alternative energy sources that are available all over the world, and more and more funding is still available for the production and examination of these sources.