Thursday, March 29, 2012

Renewable Energy for War ...?

We present a portable power generator device based on solar used by the Navy of the United States .UU. And we cannot less what to ask us about something that - at least personally - "noisy": the use of renewable energies in the war.

With a touch of marketing engineers of the U.S. Army christened this generator GREENS ("green"), by the acronym of his name in English: Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Systems. Name that we can translate approximately as a Renewable energy system for field expeditions.

As they presented the news, this new device brings great benefits for war campaigns that carry on in places as inhospitable as Iraq or Afghanistan. There the "success" of his infantry largely for support systems.
Hence that this type of auxiliary equipment that serve to maintain the connection to the hub server through satellites, radars, mobile phone and computer equipment are essential. The situation can be serious if they encounter a problem of lack of supply energy in full development of his "waractions".

The new GREENS device is a hybrid 300-Watt mobile generator that produces electricity from solar energy. Electricity can be used immediately or otherwise - thanks to the rechargeable batteries with - also you can store energy for use when necessary.

As additional benefits is very functional: very compact, it can be stacked easily and Assembly time is much lower than other models.
Of course that there were already similar devices based on the use of generators to gasoline or diesel. The great advantage of GREENS - then - is its cost and convenience.

1. Cost
Approximately some $20 billion dollars is spent annually in the Department of Defense on energy for the troops. Seen and given that fossil fuels, i.e., gas and diesel, are rapidly depleting, the development of a technology that does not depend on them is a highly strategic issue.

2 Convenience
Addition, it is not possible to replenish the generators that run on fuels traditional in the middle of the battlefield. And the sun shines on the other hand, everywhere, even in the dusty and desolate battlefields of the Iraqi desert (site from which was born the idea of this type of renewable generators)...
As stated many times, the best technology is that requires less effort from the user, and the soldiers are no exception to this rule. In addition, the maintenance of generators GREENS is easier, which is also a very important aspect as difficulties in their operation can be put at risk the performance of a military operation.

3 Advantages of the GREENS
It is very profitable. Only the initial investment is necessary. There is no need to store barrels of diesel or gas. You need less technical maintenance. They can be easily stacked. It is Hardy and can withstand all harsh circumstances this type of land. It can function in a satisfactory manner, even under extreme temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius.

As it has historically occurred with various forms of technology, these are not in themselves "good or bad". Perhaps we could consider "good or bad" uses. And renewable energy sources are certainly not an exception.

Much is what we could comment on this application of renewables to the war... both viewpoints have each one of us on this subject so difficult… A sad and final reflection is crossed at this moment... that surely renewables replace fossil fuels much before that peace will replace the wars.