Sunday, March 18, 2012

Earthy ecotourism in Fontainebleau France Centre

This eco friendly bio climatic residence has been built on the site of gorges Franchard, which is a flourishing area famous forest of Fontainebleau. The structure has a unique design with an arched ceiling and clean lines in the bottom half. It imitates the form of eroded stones planted on the entire site.
Simple but tough, dwelling made of wood, is a novel design, in which the old has been cleverly mixed with the new. The building has a modern design but oozing earthy vibe vintage.

Ecotourism in France Centre / Inca Architectes

Centre for ecotourism in France / Architectes Inca.
The arched ceiling gives the building an excellent silhouette and the line of doors installed in the entire glass amplitude gives the structure of an open. The walls are made with thin strips of wood and it has been a slight difference between consecutive bands. This allows air and sunlight in sequence within the residence without compromising the privacy of residents. The structure allows to enjoy the natural vegetation around.

Thus, despite the fact that they are living in the middle of a thick forest, you are protected adequately. The orientation of the building minimizes the impact of the wind outside. In addition, the building has shallow Foundation, ensuring the reversibility of projects. In addition, the structure is powered by green energy sources. Inca architects designed this wonderful plan and professionals like structures of Alps Cap Paysage, Arpente, et Rostain cost and M. forge were dedicated to the craft.

Built the practical structure covering 250 square meters of area of Seine et Marne tourisme. This is the first Center of ecological tourism in the region of F