Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fridge with Solar Thermal Power

Know-how about physics can be helpful if applied to the creativity, giving rise to inventions that may serve too in the home, in situations where we have access to the electricity grid, or why not use a Renewable energy.

On this occasion, we are presenting an invention made by Emily Cummins, a British inventor of 23 years of age, who designed a refrigerator that does not require connection to the electricity grid home and offers almost the same performance as a conventional refrigerator.

Consists of two cylinders, one interior made of metal, smaller diameter leaving abroad, which presents perforations to grid mode, which can be performed both wood and plastic, including a space should be filled with sand or earth.

Works through the use of solar thermal energy, and for its operation requires only water or any substance to moisten the soil or sand placed between the cylinders, running on the physical principles of evaporation and heat transfer.

Solar energy tends to warm moist phase and begins to evaporate the water, causing a clearance from the inner cylinder heat, causing content in the internal cylinder to remain at a temperature close to 6 ° C.
As obvious disadvantage, this cooler requires a constant monitoring of water level, apart from the need to add the amount needed to keep always wet.