Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crystal Station load electric cars

The next year it will be a big change with regards to mobility, that planned a massive release of electric cars that they must have the necessary infrastructure from charging stations until viable projects for its overcrowding and sustainability, and where the projects and Concepts are not wait too long.

On this occasion, we have encountered a new step of the so-called Crystal project, which began with the conceptualization of an electric vehicle for six occupants (Crystal EV) that can be used as a means of public transportation operated at a distance with a remote control.

On this occasion, it has been designed which are not only charging stations , but also the point where we should expect them to deal with, named simply as Crystal Station and one of the foundations of public transport in the morning, as well as a multiple use area.

In addition to a small green space, it also serves as a parking site for electric cars, being fed by a few umbrellas made with photovoltaic solar panelsto keep adding details ecological and sustainable.

Of course, this is just a Concept, and simply serve as a basis and inspiration for future projects.