Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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As electricity network users, you can take the commitment to collaborate with the need for energy savings in our society. Not only cutting energy consumption in our home and workplace. But that also this can be accomplished using devices with greater energy efficiency. The energy label will be our guide to buying an appliance to be able to choose an appropriate model.


To refer to the problems generated by the use of sources of non-renewable energy and the consequent need for the development of renewable energy sources, must not lose sight which - at the same time - is essential to produce considerable savings in our consumption of energy. So not only must implement habits to save electricity at home , also must choose efficient appliances. And this is where comes in the label energy.

imageWhen we speak of an electric appliance is more efficient than another, we refer to it consumes less energy to do the same or similar work. The energy label is - rightly - a label on certain types of household appliances which consists their level of energy efficiency, classifying from the letter to (the most efficient) to the letter G (the less efficient).

Thanks to the continual improvements introduced manufacturers, is expected in the future this level of energy efficiency in domestic appliances grow up with A +, A ++ and A +++, eliminating the lower levels. In fact, refrigerators and freezers have already incorporated classes class A + (devices with consumption less than 42% of the average consumption of an equivalent device) and the class A ++ (for those with less than 30% consumption).

The energy label is used in Europe and is also used in many other countries around the world. It should include the following information: brand, designation of the apparatus and energy efficiency class. Some cases also includes other data such as - for instance - freezing capacity for refrigerators.

Appliances that are included within the label energy are:

Refrigerators and conditioning Congeladores.Aire.Lavadoras.Lavavajillas.Secadoras, washing machines and washer-dryers.Domestic light sources.Electric oven.

imageThe choice of an efficient appliance is not only a benefit in saving energy. Does - by counterpart - the household economy that it will reduce our electrical service invoice. Estimated by comparing machines with similar performance, energy consumption can be almost three times less than in a class that one electric apparatus G class. If we believe that the useful life of the device is generally more than ten years, the savings accumulated in electricity bills if we opt for the more efficient may exceed 800 euros.

In Spain, the institution that is responsible for the implementation of the energy label is IDAE Institute for diversification and energy saving) .This Agency offers service users a database with the current listing of home appliances with labelling energy class A or higher you will see on your web site.