Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spain: Prime marine wind park

Catalan to build the first Park in Tarragona Spanish marine wind project is progressing by leaps.

Parque Eolico Marino

Recent reports indicate that an agreement has been signed between L'Institut of research in energy of Catalonia (IREC), main investor of the project, and Vortex, Catalan company dedicated to services modelling wind.

This Convention allows carrying out studies estimate the wind field with which will serve to contribute to the development of the plant.

Project that has been named Zèfir Test Station (test station) mixed turbines anchored to the seabed marine with other floating.

With regard to Marine wind park project Vortex on the one hand shall carry out studies on the wind conditions normal and extreme estimates using a numerical model simulation that has already been tested in the Baltic Sea and North Sea with excellent results.

Mapa España Parque Eolico marino

Parallel to this IREC access to Vortex telematic systems in its own console in order to make estimates in the areas of study for the implementation of the platform.

In conclusion, we can ensure that project will be developed in two stages: first a maximum of four wind turbines will be installed anchored at the bottom of the sea 3.5 kilometres from the coast, with a total capacity not exceeding 20 MW.Estimated time of operation is in e 2012.

In the second stage: must be placed until eight floating wind turbines around thirty kilometres from the coast.Maximum power shall not exceed the 50 MW.The deadline for entry into force of the second phase is scheduled for 2014.

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