Thursday, February 3, 2011

Solar radiation

Then let's talk about something related to renewable energy, it is solar radiation. This phenomenon, feeds power to the plates photovoltaic systems that serve to promote the energy that helps us to bring the day to day.radiacion-solar In general, solar radiation are all electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sun. Sun behaves almost like a black body which emits energy following Planck's law at a temperature of about 220V. Solar radiation is spread from infrared to ultraviolet . Not all radiation reaches the Earth's surface because the shorter ultraviolet waves are absorbed by the gas for ozone.Solar reaching the Earth is irradiation, which measures the energy reaches the Earth per unit of time and area.Solar energy, not only serves as a source here on Earth, as a renewable source, but it also has its main function in the atmosphere.renovable Solar energy received from the Sun , to pass through the Earth's atmosphere warms the water vapor in a few areas of the atmosphere than others, causing changes in the density of gases and by consequent imbalances that cause atmospheric circulation.In addition, most of the energy used by living beings comes from the Sun, plants directly absorb and carry out photosynthesis, herbivores indirectly absorb a small amount of this energy eating plants and carnivorous indirectly absorb a small amount.Most energy sources used by man derived indirectly from the Sun that Sun can on all its released radiation be exploited as energy.

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