Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tidal power or tidal power

Lately, we've talked about some types of energy and production in Spain and Portugal . On this theme occurred to me start exploring other types of renewable energy sources, which would be of much interest for curiosity awaken. To begin with, we can talk a little about tidal power, or which is the same tidal energy.
Although we discussed at the time this type of energy , specifically in June, since it coincided with the world of the oceans day I have seen important drill down a little on the techniques used to draw energy from the tides.
As its name suggests, tidal power and tidal power, remove electric power of the tidal force.portugal-ya-tiene-energia-de-las-olas
A technical definition, translated us as that is achieved by leveraging the tides ,, difference in average height of the seas in the position on the Earth and the Moon, and resulting from the gravitational attraction of the latter and the Sun on bodies of water of the oceans.
As you know, the main characteristic of this energy is that it is completely renewable since the primary power source is not exhausted by their exploitation. In addition it is very clean processing does not produce chemical gases.
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