Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black silicone Solar efficiency increases

 It is there where the concept of Energy efficiency, improving himself continuously with the development of new technologies applied to the solar panels above, changing the materials used in their manufacture is present.

It has recently proposed the use of a new technology in development, known as Black Silicon Nanocatalytic Wet-Chemical Etch, which would significantly increase energy efficiency of the current panels with your application for a Black silicone that would reduce the reflection of sunlight produced in them, thereby increasing the solar radiation that is captured and converted into electricity.

This technology would improve the overall performance of the panel throughout the day, especially in regards to the early hours of Sun.

The increase in energy efficiency is explained as the reflection of sunlight on the panels causes this electromagnetic radiation is not absorbed, by which it means a lower electricity output.

To this is added a reduction in the cost of manufacturing of the panels, since it requires less equipment compared to other materials used in its creation, as well as being much easier its manipulation to create solar panels.