Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Predator Joins Hands for Greener Earth

In 1987, an alien spacecraft entered Earth's atmosphere expelling a pod of horror in the deep jungles of Central America. A team of elite military force in a rescue operation obtains the suggestion of his monstrous act when they discover remains of several bodies of skin.

The unknown creature notes all their movements through the technique of thermal image. With sophisticated alien weaponry, human weapons not found no coincidence and its capacity of camouflaging challenges to a battle face to face. With horrible deaths around, each dam was built so that the creature to kill. The bloody ordeal ends with large Dutch finally crushing him to death. Heard of this family plot, well, 1987 was the year when left the film of 'Predator'. The terrifying aspect of the creature gave immense fear the audience around the world. Now, get set to roll again fear, because he is back.

He heard, but not in subsequent films where alien heads chops or hunting in humans. This time is everything save our planet. Now is this advanced form of extraterrestrial life is performed by the recycled metal, automotive parts and parts of useless machines. With 8'2 ", this work of art is a wonderful completion of metallic innovation and creativity that still representing all forms of fear."

The predator has taken some of our useless pieces of metals to amaze us with good fear. Recycling is one of the best solutions to avoid environmental pollution, this predator means height taking pride in being designed for these metals. Precision and brilliance is printed in the sculpture in great detail.

This ' 2, 8 1102-lb Predator is made from recycled metal, automotive parts and parts of useless machinery. Kick ass and still cares for mother earth.

Admirable but fearsome, this piece of metal that makes us think we go casual with our own creations and the day it is not the time when they become the real predator of mother earth.