Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solar Heater With Cans of Beer

The invention is simple: take a few aluminum cans, say 66, and as you can see in the picture is them placed in rows of 6 inside a wooden box and covered them with plexyglass. First you have to paint them black and make them some holes.

The sun warms the black cans, and by creating a different to the outside temperature, warm air circulates in pipes.

Start with a box made of plywood and nails, in which we place the cans of soda, 50 cans in 5 columns of 10. Previously, we holed the basis of cans with a drill, to allow the heat to circulate by columns. 5 Cans below, will have also holes on the sides, so that the heat flow from one column to the next.

Then we sealed the box with silicone joints, so to escape the heat.

Then we encolamos the cans to the box, and paint them black, so that they can better absorb the heat.