Friday, April 13, 2012

Double-layer solar cells

 A team from the University of Toronto, led by Professor ted sargent has reported the development of the first two quantum dot solar cell layers, which can be an element of change in the field of solar energy

The team has used two variants of colloidal quantum dots (colloidal quantum dots, CQD), one to absorb the visible part of solar energy, and another to absorb part of the near infrared and infrared. Altogether this technology increases efficiency theoretical 31 percent to 42 percent.
While the theoretical efficiency has increased to 42 percent, the reality is very far from it.

As reported some members of the team of Toronto, this first double layer solar cell has a 4.2 per cent efficiency, only one-tenth of the theoretical estimates. However, they trust that in the next 5 years, this efficiency will increase to 10 per cent.

Also they believe that the lower efficiency of cells of quantum dots will be offset by its low-cost, both in the manufacturing and application.