Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carga Inalambrica en Avenidas

One of the main problems with these vehicles is in recharging their batteries and can be done at home and with little space known as Filling Stations, where you can connect to the grid in addition to parking, although this be solved easily.

Researchers at Stanford University are putting to work in the design of a new technology to recharge electric vehicles wirelessly, to be located no more and no less than in the streets, making our vehicles constantly reload when transitemos for it (which would virtually unlimited autonomy)

The technology would be developed is based on magnetic resonance to transmit that energy to the batteries of our car, passing an electric current in invisibly between two copper coils that would be placed below the asphalt, and generate a resonance with each other .

There is currently a very similar technology, developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that allows you to transfer up to 3 KW of electric power to a car that you parked on a surface that has a wireless charging device.

The difference is that the current proposal seeks to transfer at least about 10 KW and allow this recharge is done with a vehicle to mobilize for an avenue, a far greater challenge.