Friday, April 29, 2011

Amantide Electric Trike

One of the more problematic has been generated in recent times is the transport, relating not only to infrastructure problems, but also to fossil fuels, a form of non-renewable energy that not only escasearĂ¡ in the next few years, but will not apply measures to counterbalance excessive use, generate its exhaustion in the coming years.

That is why different designers and researchers to continue with the development of new Concept and prototypes that will seek to replace the car for a form of mobility of the morning, which initially will be for electric cars, and in the more distant future it will aim at single-seat vehicle similar to a wheelchair.

On this occasion, the concept is called amantide electric trike, and basically consists of a kind of tricycle from a little striking design, but that allows to comfortably navigate the city, as well as having a rather than striking detail: after using itYou can fold completely and take up very little space, increasing its portability.
No doubt quite extravagant, is a design that very few brave are encourage to wear, although it continues to be one of the many ideas that are planned for the sake of a future better and free of carbon dioxideemissions

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