Friday, April 15, 2011

Urban Crash, solar energy in the parks

We bring you an interesting design where the generation of solar energy is integrated with community life. It is still a project, but for its simplicity, versatility and design hope that you can eventually materialize in a prototype and then be manufactured. It has been called urban crash and it offers is a solar device ideal for areas of recreation community, such as parks or squares.

Thanks to its design, these solar panels become in turn a rest, ideal area provide a fresh shadow over the games for children or banks of the Park. At night, the urban crash is perfect as a Center for a night walk or even a small event or a party (with lights, music and everything). The glass roofs that make up the structure are photovoltaic cells have been inserted, that produce solar energy during the day and her stored in batteries. Thanks to this energy, you get power supply for the operation of the LED lights and sound system.

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