Thursday, April 14, 2011

Motorcycle electrical 2011

Update is part of the automotive industry, and since the last years, it revolves around new forms of mobility seeking to supplant progressively internal combustion engines, taking the time to the use of electricity as best option, and this is what it being applied also to the world of motorcycles.

Brammo Empulse Motor

While there is a variety of models as expected, the year 2011 will also be a phase of renovations to the world of electric bikes, and we will have some options we selected as the best, with a selection for each gender, is for the lovers of speed, as for those who only use them for the urban journey.

Nothing more to say, you leave with the Best electric bikes to 2011:

KTM FreeRide - 01

It has been presented ending the first quarter of 2010 in the Japanese event in the Hall of Tokyo, after a hard work of development and design in the hands of the Vienna Institute of development, those who were commissioned to submit two different models, one off road ready for all kinds of roads and variant Supermotard, of more sports features.

Both motorcycles equipped with an electric motor that develop an equivalent to about 30 HP power, which allows them to develop a maximum speed of 70 km per hour, powered by a lithium ion batteries that can be recharged completely in a loaded quick 1 hour and a half.

Regarding its chassis is extremely light as it has been made entirely in aluminium (giving you a total weight of 90 kilograms), with multiple adjustment joined hydraulic radial gripper brake forks seeking to stop safely turn their wheels, mounted on wheels 21 inches.

KTM FreeRide - 02

Brammo Empulse - 01

While there is a myth that electric motors are not able to provide speed, in the world of cars there are several examples that refute this idea, and electric bikes has joined the establishment named brammo empulse, which with its character and absolutely sports design allows achieving the benefits of a motorcycle gasoline.

With a weight of 177 kg, equipped with an electric motor which is able to provide an equivalent to 55 CV power and reach a top speed of 160 kilometres per hour, powered by a lithium ion batteries that have a point against, as they require a high load, time and a not so long as it should be autonomy.

In any case is to highlight this sports bike has a cost of approximately 5,500 euros to the change, and which represents without doubt the response to the combination between speed and zero emissions.

Brammo Empulse - 02

Kyoto iEdison - 01

Finishing the 2010 we have encountered a creation of Spanish origin (more precisely, Granada) causing a real furor in the market, representing major technological advances in the field of electric mobility and, above all things, control of consumption.

This is possible thanks to equip a computer named AdaptativeBAT, which as its name seems to indicate is responsible for controlling all functions the Lithium Ion battery, both at the time of the load and deliver electricity to its individual components.

Tablero iEdison

On its Board is absolutely everything from the amount of energy remains (expressed in remaining kilometres) to the possibility of storing in a card SD memory information obtained during their use and send via Internet to the manufacturer, who are already working on a successor with all data.

For those who are interested, it costs about 3,995 EUR, we can also make a free trial go to his official site.

Kyoto iEdison - 02

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