Saturday, April 16, 2011

Energy saving | battery chargers

To save energy at home, you don't have to do too much effort, and while there are many household appliances and devices with various functions of autonomy friendly with the environment or that consume little, you can always do that spending is even less.

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Such is the case of smartphones, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices laptops that require a battery charged for its operation. It is common that these are loading during the night, which is when we do not use them, but this is not appropriate, not only in order to take care of the Middle atmosphere, but also to take care of the devices.

When the battery charge is complete, the Chargers are still consuming energy, and several companies such as Nokia for example, we are reminded to complete the load of their mobile, but besides this additional expenditure, the terminals (mostly batteries) are still in contact and are generating heat. Not to say that it contributes significantly to global warming, but if that can damage the device.

The chargers plugged in without a device to consume 40% of the electrical energy that would be used if they were working, so it shut down immediately after the load is essential.

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