Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energy saving | isolation of the roof

During the winter and summer is when more energy is consumed in the home, mainly by the conditioning of the environments in the cold and heat, but a way of making sure that this energy we spend is not in vain is making sure that there are no leaks that diminish the performance of the air conditioners or heaters.

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For this reason, to be sure that the Windows, doors and ceiling have thermal insulation which do not allow that the heat is "leak", and these are economical solutions and give excellent results, as for example, what value heat a room?If this heat is going through the Windows or by the wind that strikes the door?

With the isolation of the roof addition will ensure this, we do that by heating accounts are much smaller and save hundreds of euros a year on heating at the same time that we save energy. Including this isolation you can do yourself, so that the costs are really low.

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