Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parks marine eolicos: approve the first in the U.S. after ten years

United States is a country that definitely needs to be accessible to other more developed in the generation of renewable energy.  A good step in that direction is the final approval of Cape wind, which will be its first wind farm marino, a project that took 10 years to be approved.

The new marine wind park will be located from the town of horseshoe shoal, in the State of Massachusetts, is in the South-West of the country on the Atlantic coast. It will be with 130 turbines that will give you the ability to generate 420 MW of electricity which will be sufficient to provide 75% of the energy needs of 75% of the peninsula of Cape cod and its nearby islands

He is expected that the construction of the marine wind park begins next fall. However still needs to move forward in more commercial contracts to allocate 50% of the wind energy that will produce. At the time, the first half of the total quota has already been reserved for the national network.
source and image: treehugger

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