Friday, April 8, 2011

Passive Solar Energy

We have been devoting some articles to learn more about the passive solar energy and its application in the construction of ecological houses. In our last note look at one of the elements used in architecture bioclimatic, the Trombe wall. Now we'll talk more generically in the collectors of passive solar energy.

Harnessing the energy resource of energy solar in the homely field is essentially based on the use of some devices called collectors. Thanks to them you can collect solar radiation in the most efficient manner possible and make heat uptake. Collectors can be varied designs and functioning artifacts, but could be classified into two major types: vacuum tube collectors and flat collectors.Let's see briefly what are each of them.
Vacuum tube collectors: consist of a cylindrical glass cameras that have inside a "fluid caloportador", whose main property is the exploit solar radiation. You can capture both the radiation that comes directly as a diffuse (through reflective in the atmosphere as the clouds or the water vapour particle). These collectors can increase the temperature of the main circuit, where the thermal utilization is produced.
Collectors plano: consist of a receptacle or thermal insulation-box part higher-this glazed.Its function is to attract direct solar radiation and transport it through tubes with liquid caloportador design something related to the heating coils.Important to maximize its functioning is coated with a special paint to better capture solar waves and favour the transmission of heat.