Sunday, April 10, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages with Solar energy!

Recently, I made a post regarding the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. And thinking a little on this concept occurred to me that I could do a post related to the advantages and disadvantages of some renewables separately. To begin, we highlight the main points of the solar energy.paneles Among the advantages more important we can highlight that: is a system of energy suitable for areas where tended electric does not (field, Islands), or its transfer is difficult and expensive.Solar collection systems are easy to maintain.The cost decreases as the technology is moving (the cost of fuel increases with the passage of time because there is less).Advantages include several special features: that emphasizes that it is not clean and is an inexhaustible energy, this is extremely important, more important than money and investment that can cost energy sources such. Mainly because looking in this view by nature and the Earth .energia-solar-proyecto-china Among the disadvantages more important we can find: radiation level fluctuates a zone to another and a season to another.Large tracts of land are required to collect solar energy on a large scale.It requires large initial investment.Complement this method of converting energy with others.More radiation, places are desert places and away, (energy that no advantage to develop agricultural or industrial, etc……)Sources: wiki pedíaimágenes:google images  



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