Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photovoltaic solar energy

From Erenovable seek every day bring our readers the latest news on developments in the production of solar energy. It seemed to us a good idea review some basic concepts related to this theme: photovoltaic solar energy, Photovoltaic panels, solar photovoltaic cells process photovoltaic conversion.

We'll start by reviewing the concept of energy photovoltaic solar. This is based on the principle that the energy contained in the particles of light (photons) can be converted into electricity.This is achieved through the so-called photovoltaic conversion process, which we will try later.

Broadly speaking, what happens is that, through the use of a device specially designed for this purpose, gets electricity thanks to the photoelectric effect of sunlight. Generally these devices consist of a semiconductor metal sheet that is named photovoltaic cell.Another variant is a certain metals on a substrate or thin film deposition. Has recently been found also great advances in the development of organic devices.
As a result of this photovoltaic conversion process Gets energy at low tension (between 800 and 380 V), and DC.Then uses an investor to transform it into alternating current.

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