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November 25, 2008 by usuario81159

The Colombian Institute of electric power and the Latin American energy organization identified three areas for its geothermal potential:

(i) Azufral, in the Department of Nariño, where is located the Azufral volcano and apparently there is a high temperature deposit

(ii) the Cerro Negro-Tufiño located between Colombia and Ecuador, where the volcano Chiles is located on a magnetic Chamber of 5-10 km deep temperature between 220 and 230 ° C, optimal temperatures for use in the geothermal power generation, and

(iii) Paipa, located in the Eastern Cordillera in Boyaca, where sediment and magma lie at a depth of approximately 5 kilometres (Pérez y Osorio 2002). In addition to these locations, an area in volcanic massif Ruiz-Tolima looks promising and is planned for research by the company INGEOMINAS.
The potential total and by region of renewable energy in the country is something that still needs to be analyzed in detail.

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