Friday, March 25, 2011

Significant progress in the development of custom systems for energy

The news comes from Boston, where an important research undertaken by Dr. Daniel Nocera, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), team has presented us. The result of their studies us closer to an era in which dominate the Custom energy systems on which the houses private and small shops will produce its own energy for heating, cooling, and load your car battery.

Sis personalizados

Discovery focuses on the development of a new and powerful catalyst that has simplified greatly efficiency and viability of the Energy systems custom. Your application could allow in the future that the houses and shops are independent companies of electricity and petrol stations.The Group of researchers from the Dr. Nocera aims to develop these individual energy units that can be produced, distributed and installed at a low cost.

The biggest obstacle in this project is that the existing fuel cells and solar cells must be improved, but trust that in the short term this can be achieved. Custom energy System based on solar roofs that produce the energy to supply housing and the vehicle family.

The surplus of energy produced in this way is accumulated in a "electrolizador", a device that divides the ordinary water into its two components: hydrogen and oxygen. During the night, solar energy is supplanted by that occurs with collected a fuel cell that produces electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.

This System promises abastacer entirely of energy housing 24 hours, day and night.But there are certain parts of this system which was not available: as it is the electrolyzer catalyst to produce oxygen.And this is precisely what developed MIT team. Catalyst license was granted to Sun Catalytix, who expect to develop highly efficient versions of the electrolyzer adaptable to small businesses and households within two years.


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