Monday, March 21, 2011

Wind panels for home

In rural areas, is feasible to find one that another generator that runs on fossil fuels, and that sometimes is the only way to get electricity, which consider renewable energy would seem to be virtually impossible today, unless we make a great investment.


Luckily this is changing, as was the case with different fields of technology, the best way to make a step forward or a development is to achieve the same performance in small, and this has recently been implemented with the creation of the so-called wind panels.

This creation has been done by students from Cornell University (New York, United States), named under the name of Vibro-wind, which was composed by foam blocks contained in a metal structure available precisely as a panel.

These blocks act as oscillators and are connected to a set of piezo-electric transducers that are responsible for the emission of electrons produced by the vibration of the set, which are transformed into usable electrical energy.

It has as advantage that do not require strong winds and can be installed in urban areas (unlike the turbines wind) where not only occupy less space, but have more sensitivity to moderate winds.

Via: Eco Geek

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