Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plant of forest biomass in Astorga

A group of scientists from the University of León has recently submitted a project for the creation of a research centre to experiment with the gasification of biomass, an innovative system that employs the utilization of heat to produce steam.

Planta Biomasa

This is exactly what will be looking in Astorga, where will seek to leverage these poor gases along with a simple engine and electric power generation through an alternator, the same way that operates a car using different ways of obtaining this biomass.

Envisages a role informational and educational, since this Power plant, a virtually negligible risk level will be open to the public and educational establishments, who may bring in search of information of this energy source, its functioning and forms they can take to obtain energy in this way.

To carry out this project already have some six million euros, amortizarían with the sale of energy to Union Fenosa, and initially earmarked Chopo crops, a timber tree of rapid growth (with cycles from three to five years)


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