Tuesday, March 22, 2011

12 Watt LED lamps

One of the technologies of lighting that has more evolved in recent times is undoubtedly the lights LED, previously reduced to a very low number of applications, and today day, with a low cost a remarkable evolution in its conformation is used in automobiles, where they have great efficiency.

Osram Sylvania

As has replaced bulbs in cars, this trend is giving also at home, where compact fluorescent tubes that use this technology would have the same performance as conventional lamps, but with a much lower consumption.

Recently the company Osram has announced the arrival of a new technology that would be planned by mid of next year, which would confer a luminosity of approximately 810 lumens, i.e. the equivalent of a 60 Watts bulb lamps LED 12 Watts.

In this way, both offering the same luminosity LED lamps LED lamps reach a reduction of consumption of up to 70%, offering greater durability.

Of course, have a cost slightly more, but on everything that we save when using them, recovers quickly.


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