Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ascó nuclear power plant

In recent days have been known incidents regarding the daily operation of the Ascó Nuclear plant, in Tarragona, relating to a breach in the actions of their operators and a defect in its operation, which has led to the Nuclear Safety Council to mobilise and new controls on the central.

Central Nuclear Asco

The first released incident was when ascó ii officials reported to the CSN lack of monitoring fire in the building of electrical penetrations January 19 between 11: 50 and 12: 50 report ranked as level 0 to Level international nuclear events (INES)

Was subsequently recorded another incident concerning actions of a few operators who moved a gate from spent fuel in the pool, which was to be designed to separate this sector with the auxiliary operations zone.

If this out, a few days later became known as water system valves opening system it was not functioning properly due to the low temperatures, which forced them to reduce the power until solved the conflict.

Regular inspections to ensure the security and the normal functioning of these plants, are being carried out although long-term solution is to implement clean energy to not only have fewer maintenance burden, they also have a negligible risk compared to the Ascó I and II Ascó nuclear reactors, in the event of a malfunction.

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