Friday, March 18, 2011

Saving energy at home: electricity

In a previous post I wanted to address the issue of saving energy at home , starting with one of the resources more prized, water. I linked to saving energy, water simply because for this necessary wasting some of the must-have resources for everyone.3340ee5b8cff48ee47133e7e022ef3b2 time is the shift to electricity and best time to accept good win these tips now, when they have risen greatly the invoice of the light and gas.These tips I will sort in this post can serve the same to the House where to place trabajo:comprueba the door of the refrigerator seal perfectly, placing a sheet of paper between it and the body of the refrigerator; Scrolls the pull, if to change the label since this defect makes larger electrical energy consumption.Avoid that exhaust the fridge cold opening the door as little as possible.Not your clothes in very low amounts you laves, join it and load it with a permissible maximum.Where you see the TV it is recommendable to have low levels of illumination, avoid the reflection on the screen and you save energy.Hot or cold air conditioner disconnects when you leave a room.show_image_NpAdvSinglePhoto.php With these simple tricks, surely we can do something to save power. They look like nonsense, but help us much in the long run.  




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