Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saving energy at home: water

With this article, I've dared to give a series of advice related to energy consumption at home and natural resources. What dividiremos into two parts, which will be two resources more amounts can bequeath to consume a House.


The first one, and we will try in this first article, is water .the water is a natural resource essential to all known forms of life, human beings are made up of 80% of water. This substance covers 71% of the surface of the Earth's crust. Located primarily in the oceans where concentrated 96.5% of the total water, glaciers and polar ice caps have however 1,74%.No, in recent years we realized that water is a scarce commodity. Entered we can all help to that you are not squandered, since taking a series of habits we can save a lot of agua.Hay devices that reduce the cost of water in the grifería:Paralizadores: SE enroscan on tap and cost a 16 or 20 euros.


Lever taps: replace two knobs for easier control of volume and temperature termostáticos agua.Cartuchos: is inserted into the tap to avoid the complete change of the fitting and allow you to reach water temperature desired without tap open during a time prolongado.Otros devices we are: showers ahorradoras and other devices to reduce the expenditure of the cisternas.Aparte trying to transform some supplies or reduce the flow of water, is also the option normally very recommended closing taps when not in use (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.)




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