Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Consequences of the timbues

Humans with the passage of time has begun to use nature as an exploitable resource much more beyond of needs and reasoning, it is inevitably bringing many problems today, and has secured a good amount for future generations, by it is good to raise people about men can cause this indiscriminate exploitation, as for example, in the case of deforestation.


The use of wood is the main cause of deforestation, but destroy large forests and jungles solo a little wooden brings serious consequences, as a global warming Mayor, already trees tend to decrease the amount of heat reflected through the greenhouse effect.

Ancud, the street provide a consuming purify air carbon dioxide, is abundant in air pollution.

Trees are ecosystems and son home to miles of living creatures, by depriving them of their natural habitat takes them a step closer in danger of extinction.

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