Thursday, May 19, 2011

Urine, the fuel more ecological

It seems a joke But it isn't! As we titulábamos, urine can be used as ecological fuel in fact, more ecological than others in development or in use, and also more cheaper. So says a team of scientists from the University of Ohio (United States.)UU.) that have successfully transformed urine in biofuel for hydrogen cars.


Experiments have been made with human, animal and synthetic urine . The developed procedure consists of decomposed urine, to isolate the urea and ammonia. These components then applies a small amount of electric current, to obtain the hydrogen. This technique is - as explained - simpler and cheaper than the more widespread of the electrolysis of water which is usually to obtain hydrogen. When we talk about the performance of this biofuel derived from urine, experts estimate that every liter of final product provides a range of 40 km.

Although in the first place it is likely that the idea of driving a car with a fuel from urine find certainly unpleasant, it must not lose sight that is undoubtedly an excellent way to take advantage of a largely wasted natural resource . And in fact we are accustomed to other uses, such as excrement or urine itself - for example - in the fertilization of field... except So... Why not?


Information via: BIODISOL


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