Saturday, May 21, 2011

Renewable energy applied in greenhouses in Vizcaya

The project is carried out in a greenhouse neiker-tecnalia located in country of Derio. This greenhouse is devoted to the production of season crops. Thanks to the implementation of renewable energy conditioning, achieved a significant reduction of costs and an increase in performance (is can cultivate throughout the year, regardless of the station).


The air conditioning system is based on two components. The first is a boiler fed by biomass: wood and vegetable waste as shells of almonds, sawdust, pruning of trees and olives bones. Boiler produces 400 kW of power, being the largest of its kind in Spain used in greenhouses.

The second element are 40 thermodynamic panels that generate energy from temperature to be pruduce from a cold in a closed circuit gas to ambient temperature.

Using these two forms of renewable energy heats water to 80 ° C circulating around pipes above ground and below him, taking the temperature suitable for crop growth.


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