Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thermal Solar Energy at Home

Thermal solar energy is less effective in terms of energy output when compared with wind energy or solar, but should be noted that the costs of the equipment and installation are much smaller, so it is depreciated more quicklymaking this kind of green energy in one of the best options to install at home.

Primarily oriented to the production of hot water, this energy can produce between 60% and 80% of consumption, and with the long life of these solar panels, the amortization and a high degree of economic benefit is guaranteed.
Once we have determined the size of the installation depending on consumption of hot water which we plan it is time to get accounts.
A solar collector of low temperature and an accumulator of 200 litres of water can supply 66% of the consumption of hot water for a family with four members, with a consumption of 150 litres per day to 50 degrees Celsius of temperature.
This is how an installation of solar thermal energy of about 2 square metres to 1500 euros guaranteed savings of more than 150 euros per year, and will grow year after year.