Thursday, May 5, 2011

Solar Energy Stations

The charging stations Solar pump are a development of the company Sol Design Lab. One of these devices was set up in a music festival with a dual objective. On the one hand, to offer free solar power to charge gadgets of the attendants and - other - spread the benefits of renewable energy sources and the need for a more efficient energy consumption.

These stations load thrive with photovoltaic panels located on its roof. In the comfortable shadow that offer solar panels, we can sit to load our mobile phones or gadgets. His contribution to the environment is double as Solar pump consists of furniture constructed with recycled material. This type of load stations are also ideal to charge electric bicycles and provide lighting with LED lights.
In this same event there was a curious activity, the use of wheels "hamsters" size human in which participants could run and generate energy with his own movement to load their gadgets.

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