Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Switzerland Evaluates The Closure Of Its Nuclear Power Plants

Despite the unfortunate and very serious tragedy which caused the "accident" of Fukushima, we can see how different countries are beginning to question the use of nuclear energy, which can be a promising way for the progressive eradication of the always latent danger to the population and the environment which is implicit.

Switzerland had already taken his first step to abandon the 3 projects nuclear which had in view, well the disaster in Japan. It has now allowed to see his intentions to possibly take this decision beyond. In a meeting between Swiss President micheline calmy-Rey and the Austrian President D. heinz fischer (Austria closed their plants in more than 30 years ago), the first President has declared that it is considered possible strategy the abandonment of nuclear energy.
Currently in Switzerland there are 5 nuclear reactors in operation, totaling some 3.370 MW of installed power, which caters to about 40% of the country. But still there is nothing in particular (rather than an increase in security controls) hope to achieve progress in this regard, and Spain as well as other countries take the initiative also cut with nuclear energy.

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