Thursday, June 2, 2011

Solar energy: the world's greatest projects.

Today, in Erenovable we bring you a special report where we met some major solar energy projects that are currently being built. From United States to the desert of the Sahara and India, 5 solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy projects that will provide a good part of the renewable energy in the future.

1. ivanpah Solar electric generating system (ISEGS), in the desert of Mojave (United States). It's a solar plant solar thermal with 173.000 heliostats each of two mirrors. Its installed capacity is 392 MW and is expected to be operational in 2013. Part of the investment is carried forward by Google.
2. Farm plots in the Sahara desert. In the world's largest desert many European countries see a future for its production of solar energy, whose electricity would be transmitted through high tension lines, which would require a huge investment. However, the result would be as - or more-impressive: about 100 GW of electricity by 2050.
3. The Solar park in the world in South Africa, is being planned for that from 2012 will bring to 5 GW of electricity, the equivalent of 10% approximately of consumption in the country. The plant will combine solar panels and mirrors, and will be in the region of North Cape.

4. blythe Solar power Project and beacon Solar energy Projectin California (United States). These two solar plants are developing bend the installed capacity of the country. The first of them will be functioning in six years with a 1 GWproduction, and the second will be opened in three years with a capacity of 250 MW.
5. Solar plant of Mithapur, (India). Located in the region of Gujarat, this new venture of Tata power will be the largest photovoltaic solar Park in the India and expected that its production reached the 50 MW. The venture is more significtivo part of a national project to achieve a total production of 20 GW of total installed capacity of solar power by 2020.

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