Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Pearl, Solar energy at home

To apply different renewable energy technologies, what is most taken as reference is architecture, then adapting solar panels to structures and designs, and using innovative techniques for the development of new solar panels.

Called under Eco-Arquitectura, the combination of a sustainable building with ways to generate a power using clean energyself-sufficiency, which sometimes is applied from the design itself, and on other occasions is done after the reforms.

On this occasion, we run into the design by David fanchon, carried out a house in the form of dome and that in addition to being surrounded by a large amount of vegetation, known as the pearl.
It has a very modern minimalist design, that it is intended to convert from heat of solar energy in its energyself-sufficiency.

To keep adding flashy details, its roof has been made in the form of dome, and covered entirely by solar panels, as well as having very used nowadays, materials metal on its periphery that dissipate and reversed the heat, avoiding the use of air conditioning or at least that it can be used on very few occasions.

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