Monday, June 13, 2011

Volkswagen Aqua concept

Electrical and gaseous pollutants emission-free mobility is not only confined to electric cars, but it has also transcended the vehicles that do not move by mainland, recalling the example of boat solar Tonbo, for example, that adding worthy competitors constantly, as the comment below.

On this occasion, bring you a design that has been awarded by the China's Car Design Awards, for his ability to not only be a water vehicle, but also has the gift to mobilize across the snow, and that would have supported nothing more and nothing less than a major automotive group.

With this introduction, we presented to volkswagen aqua, a concept which in future may be a luxury vehicle, manufactured in a lightweight and durable enough material, and a more futuristic design, with a combination of clean energy.

The primary engine would be powered by an efficient stack of hydrogen, which would also put into operation the system of inflation that it gives you the power of floating in the water, while the rear employs a number of electric motors that are responsible for the acceleration and directional control.

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