Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tower Plastikoleum recycles plastics

It is without a doubt one of the problems which has always been existing in the field of recycling and waste treatment, and that causes more difficulties, what recycling plastic is not as easy as seems, and it is possible to even make it into solar panels, as we have seen previously.

On this occasion, we have before us a pharaonic project named Plastikoleum, which basically consists of a tower for the transformation of plastic in oil, i.e. reverse its manufacturing process.

Its inventor, akinori Ita, has promised that it is possible to generate 1 liter of oil using 1 kilogram of plastic, which can be later refined into gasoline, kerosene, or diesel, although of course, this is not a fairy tale, but a large amount of energy is needed.

To do this, and thinking provided that you are looking for is to avoid the consumption of hydrocarbons (otherwise would not have sense such creation) are available to its around an enormous amount of solar panels, which must have a capacity of close to 10 MW of solar energy.

Under these conditions, this tower would have the capacity to produce up to 60 barrels of oil-for-time.

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