Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Washing machines: tips to save energy and water

Every electric apparatus we use has his tricks to be able to maximize its efficiency, and can thus work with lowest possible energy consumption . In this article we will take care of the washing machine (the third electrical appliances more consumed in the home) to know how to save electricity and water in their daily use.


Always when we are about to buy a new appliance it is very important to look at the energy label. In the case of washing machines we will find in it information on the cycle of washing efficiency, efficiency in the cycle of centrifuged and the level of water consumption. This will allow us to opt for best apparatus, have a dimension of the saving of money that we will have on the electricityBill.

Another function of the washing machine that allows to save electricity and water is the half load programme, when we wash our little amount of clothing.
Other models have built-in probes of water that they measure the dirt in the water and detect when it is not necessary to follow recambiando.

There are washing machines termoeficientes possessing independent hydrants for cold water and hot water, which is taken from the health, achieving significant energy savings and significantly shortening circuit washing time.

When we start to investigate how consumes a washing machine, it is that a large part of the energy used is going to heat water, reaching up to 80 or 85%.  It is therefore very important to use low temperature programs to regular washings, and leave the high temperatures for very dirty clothes. Another not minor point is to choose good detergents, especially those that have enzymes that work at low temperatures to remove the dirt.
Here you have some other simple tips that will help further reduce your consumption of water and energy:
When drying, use the Sun! But, it is preferable to use centrifuges and no dryers, which latter consumed much more. Use descalcificantes and remember to regularly clean your washing machine filter to remove impurities and lime. This you will be kept in good condition, and will work more efficiently. If you have hired for your home rate with discrimination time, try to put the washing machine in the hours of discount.

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