Friday, June 17, 2011

Nuclear power plant from Asco | New incident

In Erenovable we get not tired of stress that nuclear energy should be replaced by other forms of energy that are cleaner for the environment and safe society. This is evident by the reality. From the great disaster of Fukushima, to numerous nuclear incidents of "low hazard" that occur in the Spanish nuclear power stations and throughout the world. No we cannot continue relying us Atomic Energy.


Precisely, we returned once again this issue in view of a new incident at the Ascó nuclear power plant, listed as a level 1 according to the CSN (Nuclear Safety Commission) and 0 level according to the IFES (international scale of nuclear accidents).

The incident occurred last April 28, when due to a "human error" was opened a motorized valve isolation of sinks, which resulted in the spill of about 25 m3 of radioactive water from the primary coolant system towards the sink. Sinks rebalsaron, leaving a flood on the grounds of the containment of 5 cm, which resulted in 19 workers who were there to be with his feet wet by the contaminated water.

All employees were subsequently analyzed, without radioactive contamination found in none of them. As they explain, "Fortunately" the reactor was stop to recharge, so the concentration of radioactive material was a thousand times lower than normal while it is operating to power.

Therefore, there has been no harm more... "Fortunately"... definitely something that highlights once more the need to strengthen our A LA ENERGIA NUCLEAR non!


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