Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New York Solar energy

The large metropolises are which must lead by example in respecte to the use of renewable energies, considering that in many cases are used as a reference to develop new systems or to demonstrate that they can be compatible supply a complete city or at least a large part of it.

In addition to generate energy through water waste, the U.S. city of New York is one that more growth had regarding the installation of solar panels, making a strong bid to thus obtain electricity and taking advantage of not needed major changes to the infrastructure full of skyscrapers.

Official data reported that during 2010 have been obtained 4.519 megawatt in New York, adding Westchester, whereas total 203 points, where a large number of photovoltaic solar panels were installed.
Mainly provided energy quantities are as follows:

Queens, 1.538 MWWestchester, 1.148 MWBrooklyn, 861 KWBronx, 677 KWStaten Island, 159 KWManhattan, 136 KW
This contrasts markedly with total 1863 MW were installed in total during the 2009, with proportions similar to the listed facilities.

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