Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Organic vehicles of the future

Today in Erenovable we have prepared a new report in particular. In this case on some of the most interesting prototypes of environmentally friendly vehicles , which aim to be the car of the future. They all have zero emissions of greenhouse gases and are also autonomous, i.e. do not require driver.  Compact and ideal for cities with high levels of traffic and problems of aparcamiento… and above all for a sustainable future. These are chosen.

1. Electric Networked Vehicle or in-v.
Developed by General Motors and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. It can be operated both manually and automatically. There is capacity for two occupants. It uses Li-ion battery electric motors which provide a range of 40 km with a single recharge. It has system GPS navigation, wireless communication of latest technology, sensors and built-in cameras to minimize the risk of accidents.

RoBoCar is an electric car , whose design belongs to the Japanese automotive ZMP. More detailed characteristics include its system of autonomous management comprising computer on board, integrated speed sensors, a unit of measurement of inertia and laser rangefinder.
3 EV 2020

EV 2020, creation of industrial designer robin long has without doubt one of the most striking designs to be completely spherical. It has multiple applications to allow a totally reliable Automatic driving : sensors and processors, GPS navigation, among others. It is powered by the I-nav driver system management system and rechargeable batteries.
4 AXI Robot Taxi

Creation of the industrial designer Peter kubik, axi Robot Taxi aims to be the taxi in the morning. It has two seats and a small baggage compartment, and - to be auto - has no driver. Extremely compact may be ideal in the streets crowded traffic. It has an electric motor with rechargeable batteries.
5 Guardian Vehicle

To unlike other electric cars futuristic which host one or two passengers, the Guardian is an environmentally friendly vehicle with capacity for 7 occupants (4 adults and 3 children) with a design in the form of lounge, which manages to keep a fairly compact volume in relation to the large number of people who can carry. Designed by john bukasa, guardian vehicle has an engine with Li-ion batteries are recharged with solar energy both electricity. It has a high standard of security measures to avoid collisions. In addition, you will have on his forehead a large touch screen with TV, video and games console.

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