Sunday, June 19, 2011

Use Less Plastic

It plastic is one of the materials more practical to facilitate our daily life, but unfortunately, it is also one of the most polluting thanks to that is not biodegradable material.

It is for this reason we should try to avoid using plastic wherever possible to contribute our bit to protect the environment, even if it is from our home.

Use glass or ceramic containers is a good start, as well as bring recyclable or reusable bags to the market, given that plastic bags that we deliver in the markets tend to end up in the trash.

An excellent replacement for these plastic bags are fabric bags, cardboard or friselina, that not only are reusable, but even they can be recycled.

If you drink bottled water, consider the option of the Dewar of filtered water that they come in different sizes (from 10 to 20 liters) and are much more economic.