Friday, June 24, 2011

Airport Portland energy pump

In recent years has been a turnaround in the obtaining of various renewable energysources, and this has pointed to the so-called geothermal energydevelopment, and on this occasion, applied to the airports, which tend to be one of the axes of increased pollutionnot only by the noise generated by the engines (noise pollution) but also for the enormous amount of CO2 emissions.

Portland Airport

On this occasion, the novelty is that it is working on the Airport in Portland (Maine, United States) to begin to develop its own system of Geothermic energy, which would contribute to the generation of heating and air conditioning throughout the building.

Construction would then consist of a series of pipes that would be located at about 150 feet below a parking lot for employees, found a sink with temperatures reaching an average of 55 degrees centigrade in the majority of the year.

If all goes as it has been planned, in warm periods this system would replace the use of air conditioning, while in winter it would replace the boilers for heating of the airport, which would mean further savings of about 140,000 euros a year.


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