Friday, June 3, 2011

Skylon spacecraft to hydrogen

One of the forms of mobility and energy that is in constant development is the use of hydrogen and electrical energy, with examples such as the vehicle green alpine as a clear combination in vehicles, and now joining the nanosail D in the field of spacecraft that seek to use clean energy or with lower possible contamination.

It is the implementation of the spacecraft Skylon, a project which would be located by a private British company reaction engines limited (REL) which will seek to provide in the future the eternal promise of space tourism, although of course, will do it so using clean energy.

This conceptual ship would use as a means of automotive hydrogen energy, working in combined cycle and offering fuel consumption up to 15 times lower that is eventually used in shipments of special ships today.
It would also add conceptual technology of compressed air engine that take advantage of the heat generated by the ship out of the atmosphere to generate propulsion, with a combustion chamber where mezclaría with liquid hydrogen giving a great energy efficiency.

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