Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Treepods, trees artificial ecological

It is difficult to say that a tree is not ecological, when they are one of the greatest exponents of the nature to preserve the world, because that can recycle carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into clean oxygen, but the Treepods, a project designed by Mario Cáceres and Christian Canon, let do it also, but so much more efficient through the use of technology.
But in addition to cleaning the air, these Treepods include solar panels of photovoltaic energy and a system of kinetic energy which collects energy that occurs when using a weight of trees.

This energy that the trees produce is that feeds the process of filtration of the air, but also gives power to a small interior lights that give incandescent appearance to trees at night, allowing to reduce electricity consumption by night lighting.

Including, these trees are constructed from recycled materials and recyclable, and can be recycled in the future if necessary.