Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solar laptop Bharat with Android

A few years ago, it was aimed at India as one of the countries with higher emissions of carbon dioxide, they merited quick and effective solutions to begin to reverse this trend seemed unrecoverable, which is as well as today we noted the draft of the Solar park in Gujarat, and planning including a Floating Solar park, demonstrating that it is not necessary to only count on large tracts of land to dump in earnest toward this renewable energy.

On this occasion, we have encountered with a signature creation bharat electronics limited, headquartered in India, which has been developed and will begin to market a new model of laptop computer which first stands out for having one cost of 53 euros to the change, which is not noted for high-performance affordable but by having clean energy for their operation.

Designed to bridge a shortfall in access to these technologies for the rural sectors, they will be equipped with an operating system Android 2.2 and will have as main feature the use of solar energy for their operation, in order to recharge their batteries at all times, and ensuring a very high autonomy.

It is an integrated pouch leather clad, and ensures a very high durability components, with a standalone keyboard connected to your small screen via a cable, promoting portability for which has been designed.

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